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Professional building performance contractor, energy audits, and repairs!

Professional building performance contractor, energy audits, and repairs!

Professional building performance contractor, energy audits, and repairs!Professional building performance contractor, energy audits, and repairs!

"Building Performance With Positive Energy!"

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Energy Audits-Blower Door-Thermal Image Scans

Thermal image scan of the front of a house.

Many buildings in Durango, Pagosa Springs, Cortez, and the surrounding areas are poor energy performers. What does that mean? It means they waste energy, and as a result, money. Significant savings can be had...often with minimal initial upfront cost. Schedule an Energy Audit so we can help you find where your building could be improved and put together a scope of improvements! 

Unlike other home improvements, energy audits and retrofits can often Pay for themselves in the first year or two! We are BPI (Building Performance Institute) certified as professional Building Analysts! Our comprehensive Energy Audit and report can literally save you thousands! And can make your building safer, healthier, and more comfortable in the process!

Reliable Repair and Retrofit Professionals

Snow covered home.

As an experienced Contractor, we handle both medium and small projects. We are formally trained building repair professionals. When we have completed an assessment or an Energy Audit, we can put together a scope of work that will make your home or office safe, more comfortable and more efficient. If requested, we can perform the repairs, or you can use our scope to have another contractor of your choice make repairs! We can even oversee and inspect the repairs made by others. The choice is yours! 

We do have decades of experience in roof and siding repairs, fire restoration, water damage repair, insulation upgrades, building envelope repairs and much more. We hold certifications from BPI, Haag Engineering, IICRC, The Solar Living Institute, Xactimate, TWIA, InterNACHI, and many more. The owner and Senior Project Manager is also a licensed insurance adjuster/damage assessor in 15 states. 

Commercial and Residential Roof Inspections

Thermal image scan of a commercial roof during an inspection.

We inspect both Commercial and residential roofs. With our advanced leak detection equipment such as our professional Thermal Image Cameras, and our extensive experience with both commercial and residential roofing, we can find leaks that are hidden from others. We have been able to save building owners thousands of dollars by identifying the source and direct area of a leak which could then be repaired instead of replacing an entire roof system. 

The owner is an FAA licensed drone pilot to provide aerial inspections and imagery. These are useful for determining the amount of snow on a building, locating ice dams, and getting a just getting an overall view of the condition and layout of the roof and it's systems. 

Blower Door Testing & IRC Building Code Compliance

An energy auditor performing a blower door test during an energy audit.

As has been already mentioned, Air leaks in buildings are a huge problem. They result in indoor air quality issues (IAQ), discomfort, and make buildings expensive to heat and cool. They can also result in hidden cold and wet spots which can facilitate mold growth and rot. They can lead to frozen pipes which can result in significant repair costs and loss of use.  That is why the 2012 International Residential Code (IRC) in Section N1102.4.1 includes a requirement for blower-door testing with airtightness standards spelled out for the country’s various climate zones. The SW Colorado, NW New Mexico, and surrounding areas are in zones 5-7, which all require a building to have less than 3 Air Changes Per Hour (ACH) at 50 pascals of pressure. The best builders in the area are already performing these tests. Make sure your builder is complying with these minimal requirements! The health of your building and it's inhabitants depend on it!

We can provide this service as a third party to builders all over the region. We run a multi-point blower door test and a simple thermal envelope scan, then provide a report with the findings and if necessary where improvements could be made.  

Real Estate Professionals

A couple holding the keys to a new home they just purchased with the help of a realtor or real estate professional.

The Real Estate business can be a competitive one. But if you as work hard to provide the best service to your client, you will thrive! We can help by performing Energy Audits and Assessments to homes in the Durango and Southwest Colorado area. Having a performance report in hand to offer a perspective client will go a long way towards earning their business and respect. It can show them how the house you are showing is superior to the one for sale down the street. And it will set you apart from the competition

It can also reveal deficiencies before an inspection report is obtained from a home inspector. These deficiencies can be remedied quickly and efficiently so you can be sure there are no hang-ups once the sale process begins. The cost of these services is minimal compared to the increased sales that will be experienced by delivering this level of service! 

As a FAA licensed drone pilot, the owner can also provide Aerial Imagery for use in your marketing! These photos and videos are a great way to showcase the beautiful surroundings of homes and properties in this area!  

Home Inspection Report Satisfaction Services

A home inspector performing a pre home sale inspection on a home.

If you are buying or selling a home, chances are you have had or will have a Professional Home Inspection. Sometimes, inspection reports can expose unknown damages which need immediate repair to prevent a potential buyer or seller from backing out of the deal. As trained Building Inspectors Ourselves, please allow us to repair those issues before they cause a lost sale. Remember the old saying... ”An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

You may also want to take this time to have an Energy Assessment or an Energy Audit performed whether you are buying or selling. This in depth inspection goes above and beyond the scope of a standard home inspection, and can give you a detailed idea of the performance of your home. Sort of like the MPG of a vehicle, we can tell you how well your home performs compared to others in the area. You can use the report to help market your home, or to weed out poor performers if you are looking to buy. home repairs building performance home improvement

Redwood and Steel Arched Bridge

We built this bridge for a customer who lost their old bridge due to the mudslides in Durango, 2018. They wanted something unique, beautiful and functional. home improvement home repairs

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